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Call for Outcall Massage in Las Vegas NOW

An outcall massage in Las Vegas is the most tourist friendly way to get a massage. Whether you want a therapeutic massage or a more exciting one with a woman like those pictured, this is the way to go. So let’s get a better idea of what is available.

outcall massage in Las Vegas

Just about everyone enjoys a massage now and then, especially after a long drive or plane ride. You’re going to want to fully enjoy your time with your asian masseuse. With a only a phone call you will do just that, privately in your hotel room. In this blog we’ll go over some of the options that might be more fully explained in some of the other blogs.

First, you have to pick up the phone and actually make a call. Second, pick a time for the masseuse to be at your hotel. Third, give her an idea of what you’re looking for. And fourth, be ready to answer the door or meet her by the elevator downstairs to get past security. That’s about it, because with an outcall massage in Las Vegas you don’t leave your hotel, that cute Asian girl comes to you. Do you know what type of massage you’d like?

Probably the most popular choice is a warm oil Chinese or Swedish style massage. It’s definitely relaxing! Then again, you may choose a more strenuous effort with a deep tissue or Thai massage. It’s all up to you. Be sure to clarify in advance how much time you want as you surely don’t want to rush through this. The whole point is to feel good! So let her know what you want and relax and enjoy. You ought to be ready for dessert when the massage is done.

Ask for What You Want during your Massage in Vegas

Dessert, you say? Of course! Maybe you’d like your masseuse to give you a shower. I happen to love knowing I’m extra clean everywhere. Some would choose a nuru or body to bodymassage while they are still oiled up. A perennial favorite that always puts a smile on your face is the happy ending. Talk to your masseuse if you have any other thoughts on how to finish your outcall massage in Las Vegas.

A big advantage of the hotel massage is the privacy factor. Your masseuse is very discreet. It is in your best interest, as well as hers. So don’t be surprised by her not wearing a super sexy outfit when she meets you. You’ll be happy enough when she removes the outerwear in your room. Of course you’ll pay cash. Best to put it into an envelope in the bathroom. She can see it and count it there. It is natural for her to be concerned. So keep it simple. You may even think she deserves more after your dessert. Feel free to add to the envelope as needed.

Double check the envelope afterwards. Tips are not only welcome. They are necessary. Maybe you negotiated for an extra service. Or you just feel a little extra is right. You may not ever see her again. Or you might call her tomorrow!

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Asian Massage Parlor

Going to an Asian massage parlor or spa in Las Vegas is going to be a fun experience. Maybe this is something completely new for you. So it becomes very exciting to think about. Then it becomes even more exciting as you search for where to go. You see the ads, maybe pictures. You’re imagining the whole time with an awesome Asian girl putting her hands all over your body. It’s definitely time top pick a place and go do it!

Asian massage parlor hotel girl I had

Finding a Good Asian Massage Parlor or Spa

It seems so simple to find a good Asian massage parlor or spa. You do a search and pick one. Then you get in your car or taxi and go. Right? Well, not exactly. First, you hope you find a parlor that offers the services you want. Second, you want the right girl. What type do you like? Do they provide that? You definitely cannot rely on the pictures, the turnover is very high. And that’s assuming the pics are real to begin with. Third, how far away is it? Fourth, are they open when you want to go? Fifth, will they schedule an appointment for the services you want, or tell you to discuss when you see the girl? Lastly, do you want a real massage too?

Yes, it really is that complicated. A lot simpler for a local, they know the area and what Asian massage parlor or spa is convenient and has what they want. But it’s a lot tougher for a visitor. I can tell you from experience that you will be very lucky to get a real hottie for your massage. It will also not be a very good massage and you probably will only get a happy ending because there is no privacy in these places

What’s the Solution?

CALL US! We specialize in sending extremely popular girls right to your hotel room. It’s private. There’s no travel. You can get the service you want. What more can you ask for? Forget about an Asian massage parlor or spa. Have the most fun with the least effort. Call us for an Asian outcall or hotel massage and have the time of your life.

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Asian Massage Near Me

Asian massage near me is a popular search term. You may have no clue where to get a massage when staying at a hotel. But having it “near me” will narrow it down a lot. For example, you might have a car and not care about location. Or you might be in an outlying hotel and nothing is close by. But if you’re like most visitors to Las Vegas you would prefer you masseuse to be close by.

What Kind of Asian Massage Near Me do You Want?

My Asian girl GFE

There are many choices as to style of massage you can get. Popular ones are warm oil, Swedish, Thai, and deep tissue massage. If you’ve had a hard day overtaxing your muscles in the pool or your back aches from the drive over, one of these will be right for you. It feels good!

On the other hand, if you searched for Asian massage near me, then that is not all you really want. Is it? For example, what about a happy ending? Were you thinking of a sexy babe for a girl friend experience? A body to body massage is the ultimate sensual type of massage. Are we tracking now?

Make it Easy

So you are really looking for a sensual or even sexual experience. It’s pretty common to have an honest to goodness Asian massage at the same time. But if you want a more sexual time, looking for an Asian massage near me could be too wide of a search. Why? Because you will mostly get a list of massage parlors which you have to travel to. Beyond that, the range of sexually oriented services is typically very limited due to space and privacy issues, not to mention legal ones.

Your best bet is to search for an outcall massage. This means the girl comes to you. So you don’t have to travel, and what you do is totally private and between you and the sexy girl in front of you. Next time you want to search for Asian massage near me, add the word “outcall”. You’ll be very glad you did!

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Get Your Full Service Massage Now

A full service Asian massage was the best thing I did when visiting Las Vegas. Sure, gambling is fun. A massage with a happy ending is really nice. But none compare to the delight of a pretty Asian girl making my fantasies real.

What is a Full Service Massage?

Good question. The answer is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Or what you can negotiate with the girl. Obviously she has to be willing, and only you know how kinky your fantasies are. Still, it would be safe to say that full service implies intercourse. It’s probably the one constant definition. Just don’t forget the massage! It’s great foreplay and a delight all by itself.

Full service does not mean that all other services are excluded. If you’ve seen the other blogs you know that you can shower with your Asian girl, get a body to body massage, have a happy endinghappy endinghappy ending hand job and more. Pick one or more of these as part of your fun if you don’t have something specific in mind.

How do I Set it Up?

my full service girl

Your full service Asian massage starts with a phone call. Sometimes a text is better, like when leaving your hotel info or phone number. But to describe the service and figure out how much time to allow I like a call better. It is WAY better to ask for full service on the phone then when the girl arrives. You also should have some idea of the other services you’d want. Don’t forget to estimate how much time you want also, if that’s a factor. If you are older or have special needs, time will be very important to discuss. You don’t want your Asian girl constantly looking at the clock because you need more time than estimated. Lastly, get some idea of the cost while on the phone. That way you can estimate the tip and have the cash ready. Be sure to have extra if you decide to add something! Get a full service Asian massage and really have the time of your life in Vegas.

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Asian Girlfriend Experience

This is the best, an Asian girlfriend experience, or GFE. My Asian girl GFEHow great would your day be if this girl was your girlfriend, all to yourself, in your private hotel room? It may be something you’ve thought of. Maybe you’ve dreamed of. Well, now you can make it happen. It’s as easy as finding this website and picking up the phone. Discuss what you would like to the girl who answers. Make an appointment, or ask for fast service in as little as thirty minutes. And as a result of all these hard efforts you can have a dream be real. You will have an exotic, hot babe for your very own girlfriend.

How is a GFE different?

It really boils down to the amount of intimacy and conversation you want. Just like with a real girlfriend. Some people just want a massage of some kind Add in whatever ending or other service they want. Then they are done. There’s little connection to the girl, no matter how awesome the physical experience. For an Asian GFE you will have an opportunity to talk, share, and feel a connection. She will respond to you in a much more familiar and loving manner in your Asian girlfriend experience. Let me tell you, one of the most intimate and erotic things you can do together is take a shower. Enjoy exploring her hot body in the warmth of the shower. She will use the soap to make sure you are clean all over. And extra clean where it counts. Do it!

Can she come to my hotel?

You betcha! You can only truly have such an intimate time with an Asian girl in the privacy of your room. This is not something you can get at a spa or massage parlor. They won’t take the time and there’s no privacy. So you are in luck, she will come to you. You should note that most of the girls will only come to a hotel, not an air bnb or private residence. This is for their protection. So make this your lucky day. Get an Asian girlfriend experience, or GFE. Have an Asian girl be the best part of your visit.

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