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Be SURE to get a body to body massage or nuru rub during one of your Asian massage sessions. It’s just one of those things you have to feel to understand. Mere words don’t do it justice. You might find it advertised as “nuru”, the Japanese word for the style. In Thailand they just call it a body to body rub. To make it clear, I’ll use that description. Now, what is it? I’ll try to paint a picture of what my massage was like.

My Body to Body Rub Experience

Now realize this is happening right in my hotel room, so I’m not self conscious at all. I’m ready for this hot Asian babe to make me feel like a million bucks. So after the ritual of showing her where the envelope of cash was and letting her freshen up, we were ready to start. We put a towel on the bed because of the oil, I got undressed, and she stripped to her underwear. At that point I was already getting warm. She liberally applied oil to my back as I lay face down. And then moved her body up and down my greased backside. At that point I knew that a body to body massage was the right choice. This went on for awhile until it became uncomfortable to lay on my stomach. Guess why! But then…

The Front Side

You probably guessed right. As a result of the back massage I had to turn over to do the front. And I wanted to. She put some more warm oil on my front side and the indescribable feeling of her body rubbing on mine started up again, and it was even better. How I kept from spewing all over I’ll never know. But somehow I held out for the happy ending, see another post for that. I hope that helps you, because all in all, that body to body massage, or body to body rub was the best thing I did this trip!