A full service Asian massage was the best thing I did when visiting Las Vegas. Sure, gambling is fun. A massage with a happy ending is really nice. But none compare to the delight of a pretty Asian girl making my fantasies real.

What is a Full Service Massage?

Good question. The answer is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Or what you can negotiate with the girl. Obviously she has to be willing, and only you know how kinky your fantasies are. Still, it would be safe to say that full service implies intercourse. It’s probably the one constant definition. Just don’t forget the massage! It’s great foreplay and a delight all by itself.

Full service does not mean that all other services are excluded. If you’ve seen the other blogs you know that you can shower with your Asian girl, get a body to body massage, have a happy endinghappy endinghappy ending hand job and more. Pick one or more of these as part of your fun if you don’t have something specific in mind.

How do I Set it Up?

my full service girl

Your full service Asian massage starts with a phone call. Sometimes a text is better, like when leaving your hotel info or phone number. But to describe the service and figure out how much time to allow I like a call better. It is WAY better to ask for full service on the phone then when the girl arrives. You also should have some idea of the other services you’d want. Don’t forget to estimate how much time you want also, if that’s a factor. If you are older or have special needs, time will be very important to discuss. You don’t want your Asian girl constantly looking at the clock because you need more time than estimated. Lastly, get some idea of the cost while on the phone. That way you can estimate the tip and have the cash ready. Be sure to have extra if you decide to add something! Get a full service Asian massage and really have the time of your life in Vegas.