Happy Ending

So many ask for a massage with a happy ending. It’s become almost a joke in itself. A classic cliche. But really, it’s wildly popular. It’s probably even one of the fantasies you had about coming to Las Vegas. At least one of them, lol.

Massage With…

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts. You want a happy ending. A happy ending to what? A massage! Then how do you go about getting one? Start by looking for a massage. Obviously we specialize in Asian girls here. So your search would begin with looking for an Asian massage. You could search for Asian massage with a happy ending and shorten your search. But not all sites will list it, even if the girls will do it. If that’s the case then it helps to see the clues on the web page to determine what might happen. For example, if you search for an Asian massage girl that does a body to body rub, you will be able to get a happy ending if you ask.

Asian Massage Girl

My happy ending massage girl

Let’s have some fun together

Ok. You want an Asian massage girl. Lets say you do a search for Asian massage with a happy ending. You see this web site and check it out. Of course you like what you see. The girls are awesome! Your immediate reaction should be to get on the phone right away. You’ve had your warm up just checking out the pictures. So do it! Text or call 702-664-9112 and ask for a massage with a happy ending. Arrange a time and tell them where you are staying. Have your cash ready. Have extra in case you have other ideas while the girl is there. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Then enjoy!

Happy Ending and More

Yes, it really is that easy. And after you’ve gotten to enjoy your time with the Asian girl you’ll be much more relaxed and willing to ask for other fantasies. Remember you are paying the girl for her time, and the more the merrier. So next time you come to Las Vegas, look us up. Get a happy ending. You’ll go home much happier.

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