It’s such a treat to have a hotel in room massage, or outcall massage in Las Vegas. Why? Because it’s Las Vegas! And besides the gambling, it’s the girls that put the “sin” into “sin city.” I’m not saying you can’t get a girl to come to your room in another city. But the sheer number of choices and the quality of the girls here is unmatched. If you’re into Asian girls you are in luck, there are many very hot ones to choose from. They are also the ones who most offer massage. So if you are in Las Vegas and are looking for an exotic Asian girl for massage and a lot more, you are in luck.

hotel in room massage pair

We come to you, you come for us

Hotel in Room Massage vs. Outcall Massage

They actually mean the same thing. The girls all use outcall massage. But Newbies are not familiar with this term. And the number one search engine is not happy with that in ads. So hotel in room massage is a good expression for all. You might wonder why not just go to a massage parlor? There are so many around. Well, the privacy if your room and the time you ask for allow for a much bigger range of services you can get.

What’s the Advantage?

Did you see those girls that did my hotel in room massage? With an outcall massage I can get more than one girl, and we had fun. A four handed massage was the start, then a body to body rub. I asked for full service and got it. It’s almost impossible at a massage parlor. Wow, I’d never done it with two girls before, it was wild. But the best was last. Can you picture the three of us all lathered up in the shower? You gotta do it! Give these girls a call.