Nude Massage

A nude massage, where you and the masseuse are naked, is the most erotic way to get a massage. Is nude massage legal in Las Vegas? The legalese is always complicated. In general, if you are going to get off or have a sexual experience it is not. The exceptions are licensed brothels. But if I had a nickel for every private sexual experience in Las Vegas I would own one of the hotels.

Sisi can do a Nude Massage

nude massage girl
Hi, I’m Sisi, call me

Hi, I’m Sisi. I grew up in Chinatown, and never left. Las Vegas has so much to do and to offer. For sure we have the best Asian food! I first worked in a restaurant, but soon switched to a massage parlor when I saw how busy they always were. Believe me, the guys may love the food, but they love the sex even more. We had a back room, very private, where I learned the art of nude massage. This is often combined with nuru massage. At the same time I was studying massage I learned from the other girls what the guys really wanted. Trust me, I can deliver. Massage parlors brag they do table showers. Forget that! Whenn I come to your hotel room we can go into a real shower! So you get very clean in every place you can think of.

Why a naked massage

Duh. Because you can? Because it’s a lot more fun than when your hot babe is dressed? It’s so much more erotic to get a nude massage, and the choices if services you can receive go way up. When you text and ask for me let me know what you’d like, and how much time we’ll need. So going back to an earlier question, are escorts legal? Is a private massage legal? As long as no sex is involved you should be ok. That is why you always hire your girl, like me, by paying for my time. And for sure you will have a good time. XOXO Sisi