Your Asian massage girl is waiting to hear from you. Really. She may even be able to be at your hotel in as little as half an hour. Depending on the time of day, of course. There are many Asian Girls in Las Vegas, and more than a few of the hottest and sexiest are available to come to your hotel room. Just pick up the phone and call. Ask for what service you would like. Then relax in your room until she arrives at the hotel.

What kind of Asian Massage girl can I get?

Asian massage girl I called

Call me

Lets see. You can get 1) a young one, 2) an older one, 3) a thin one, 4) a voluptuous one, hmmm..An awful lot of choices! You’ve seen the pictures, so you know there is quite a variety to choose from. For sure you can find more than one massage girl that will make your massage the stuff of memories. I found that it didn’t matter as much as I’d thought. Sometimes the girl doesn’t match my expectation in looks. But I found that if I asked for a particular service she was more than skilled at providing it. Maybe it’s better to just be surprised!

Why get outcall or in room hotel massage?

Well, why not? If all I have to do is call and place an order, then lounge in my room until the Asian massage girl arrives, well, that sounds good to me! So does lounging or taking a nap after she leaves. Now that ALL my tension has been released – see some of the other blogs for more – I don’t want to get dressed and get in my car or a cab. BTW, did I mention the privacy aspect of being on my hotel instead of at a spa with other people milling around or making noise through the partitions? Go ahead, make your day with an Asian massage girl now.