nancy the masseuse for hotel massage

Hi, I am Nancy the masseuse. I came from a small city in southern China close to Hong Hong. My family were mostly farmers but moved to the city to find jobs when things didn’t go well. After recovering from an illness I got interested in medicine. Following the local doctor around as a teenager was pretty interesting. And I learned a lot about people’s anatomy!

How did Nancy become the Masseuse?

It was impossible to go to Medical school. Like the U.S. it is very hard to do. There were few options to learn medicine in our small city. I met a woman who did massage. Then she convinced me that massage heals people too. And takes much less schooling. So I decided that is what I would do. Of course there was no school in my city. But my aunt in Shanghai said I could live with her while I went to school. I learned several styles of massage. Some to relax you and some to heal you. I liked it very much.

How about your other skills?

I was now Nancy the masseuse. But not done learning. I met an American at the school. And then we moved to the US. We were married soon after. And then we divorced after only two years. I was very sad. So I moved to Las Vegas. There I learned many ways to please a man, not just massage. Men were calling me over and over. So from them I learned even more. I want you to think of me next time you think of nuru massage or happy endings. Think of my strong hands releasing you from any tension you may have.

Next time you are in Las Vegas, call Nancy the masseuse. I do outcall only, private hotel massage. I promise I can make any bodypart feel great. XOXO