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Hotel in Room Massage

It’s such a treat to have a hotel in room massage, or outcall massage in Las Vegas. Why? Because it’s Las Vegas! And besides the gambling, it’s the girls that put the “sin” into “sin city.” I’m not saying you can’t get a girl to come to your room in another city. But the sheer number of choices and the quality of the girls here is unmatched. If you’re into Asian girls you are in luck, there are many very hot ones to choose from. They are also the ones who most offer massage. So if you are in Las Vegas and are looking for an exotic Asian girl for massage and a lot more, you are in luck.

hotel in room massage pair

We come to you, you come for us

Hotel in Room Massage vs. Outcall Massage

They actually mean the same thing. The girls all use outcall massage. But Newbies are not familiar with this term. And the number one search engine is not happy with that in ads. So hotel in room massage is a good expression for all. You might wonder why not just go to a massage parlor? There are so many around. Well, the privacy if your room and the time you ask for allow for a much bigger range of services you can get.

What’s the Advantage?

Did you see those girls that did my hotel in room massage? With an outcall massage I can get more than one girl, and we had fun. A four handed massage was the start, then a body to body rub. I asked for full service and got it. It’s almost impossible at a massage parlor. Wow, I’d never done it with two girls before, it was wild. But the best was last. Can you picture the three of us all lathered up in the shower? You gotta do it! Give these girls a call.

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Asian Girlfriend Experience

This is the best, an Asian girlfriend experience, or GFE. My Asian girl GFEHow great would your day be if this girl was your girlfriend, all to yourself, in your private hotel room? It may be something you’ve thought of. Maybe you’ve dreamed of. Well, now you can make it happen. It’s as easy as finding this website and picking up the phone. Discuss what you would like to the girl who answers. Make an appointment, or ask for fast service in as little as thirty minutes. And as a result of all these hard efforts you can have a dream be real. You will have an exotic, hot babe for your very own girlfriend.

How is a GFE different?

It really boils down to the amount of intimacy and conversation you want. Just like with a real girlfriend. Some people just want a massage of some kind Add in whatever ending or other service they want. Then they are done. There’s little connection to the girl, no matter how awesome the physical experience. For an Asian GFE you will have an opportunity to talk, share, and feel a connection. She will respond to you in a much more familiar and loving manner in your Asian girlfriend experience. Let me tell you, one of the most intimate and erotic things you can do together is take a shower. Enjoy exploring her hot body in the warmth of the shower. She will use the soap to make sure you are clean all over. And extra clean where it counts. Do it!

Can she come to my hotel?

You betcha! You can only truly have such an intimate time with an Asian girl in the privacy of your room. This is not something you can get at a spa or massage parlor. They won’t take the time and there’s no privacy. So you are in luck, she will come to you. You should note that most of the girls will only come to a hotel, not an air bnb or private residence. This is for their protection. So make this your lucky day. Get an Asian girlfriend experience, or GFE. Have an Asian girl be the best part of your visit.

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Asian Massage Near Me

Asian girl near me

Asian massage near me is a popular search term. It makes sense. You’re not going to search Los Angeles if you are in Las Vegas. Ok, that’s a stretch. But you don’t want to drive far if you are on vacation. You don’t want to wait too long for a girl to come to you. So close by is a good start. In Las Vegas there seems to be a massage parlor on every corner. And if you do an internet search you’ll see there are hundreds of girls willing to come to your hotel. That results in confusion. Choosing can be hard. Let me help make it less confusing.

Incall Massage

Incall massage means the girl stays in. For example, her spa or massage parlor. You drive to her. If you drove to Las Vegas or rented a car this should be no problem. Do a search for massage parlors or spas. Get out your GPS. Then go. Naturally, it’s not quite that simple. Searching Asian massage near me will save you a lot of time looking at the map. Then you can narrow it down based on what you think of the website, services offered, or the girls pictured.

Outcall Massage

Outcall massage means the girl comes to you. So you may think that searching Asian massage near me is less important. That is true, to some extent. But if you want service now it helps if the girl is not too far away. The girl too may consider your location. She may be too busy or not want to drive 25 miles to you. But the benefits of outcall should be pretty obvious. For example, no driving for you. You can’t get lost. Maybe you don’t have a car. You have the ultimate in privacy in your hotel room.

Picking the right girl for your Asian massage is not always easy. There are so many choices. You made a great choice just by reading on this website.Either way, when you do a search for Asian massage near me you will get what you are looking for.

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Body to Body Massage

my body to body massage girl

I will make you feel wonderful. Call me. 702-664-9112

Be SURE to get a body to body massage or nuru rub during one of your Asian massage sessions. It’s just one of those things you have to feel to understand. Mere words don’t do it justice. You might find it advertised as “nuru”, the Japanese word for the style. In Thailand they just call it a body to body rub. To make it clear, I’ll use that description. Now, what is it? I’ll try to paint a picture of what my massage was like.

My Body to Body Rub Experience

Now realize this is happening right in my hotel room, so I’m not self conscious at all. I’m ready for this hot Asian babe to make me feel like a million bucks. So after the ritual of showing her where the envelope of cash was and letting her freshen up, we were ready to start. We put a towel on the bed because of the oil, I got undressed, and she stripped to her underwear. At that point I was already getting warm. She liberally applied oil to my back as I lay face down. And then moved her body up and down my greased backside. At that point I knew that a body to body massage was the right choice. This went on for awhile until it became uncomfortable to lay on my stomach. Guess why! But then…

The Front Side

You probably guessed right. As a result of the back massage I had to turn over to do the front. And I wanted to. She put some more warm oil on my front side and the indescribable feeling of her body rubbing on mine started up again, and it was even better. How I kept from spewing all over I’ll never know. But somehow I held out for the happy ending, see another post for that. I hope that helps you, because all in all, that body to body massage, or body to body rub was the best thing I did this trip!

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Happy Ending

So many ask for a massage with a happy ending. It’s become almost a joke in itself. A classic cliche. But really, it’s wildly popular. It’s probably even one of the fantasies you had about coming to Las Vegas. At least one of them, lol.

Massage With…

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts. You want a happy ending. A happy ending to what? A massage! Then how do you go about getting one? Start by looking for a massage. Obviously we specialize in Asian girls here. So your search would begin with looking for an Asian massage. You could search for Asian massage with a happy ending and shorten your search. But not all sites will list it, even if the girls will do it. If that’s the case then it helps to see the clues on the web page to determine what might happen. For example, if you search for an Asian massage girl that does a body to body rub, you will be able to get a happy ending if you ask.

Asian Massage Girl

My happy ending massage girl

Let’s have some fun together

Ok. You want an Asian massage girl. Lets say you do a search for Asian massage with a happy ending. You see this web site and check it out. Of course you like what you see. The girls are awesome! Your immediate reaction should be to get on the phone right away. You’ve had your warm up just checking out the pictures. So do it! Text or call 702-664-9112 and ask for a massage with a happy ending. Arrange a time and tell them where you are staying. Have your cash ready. Have extra in case you have other ideas while the girl is there. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Then enjoy!

Happy Ending and More

Yes, it really is that easy. And after you’ve gotten to enjoy your time with the Asian girl you’ll be much more relaxed and willing to ask for other fantasies. Remember you are paying the girl for her time, and the more the merrier. So next time you come to Las Vegas, look us up. Get a happy ending. You’ll go home much happier.

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