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What is a Sensual Massage?

hotel outcall sensual massage example


It means a lot of different things to a lot of people. One person might say it is a long, slow oil massage. Like a Swedish massage. Another will qualify that by adding that the masseuse be cute and scantily clothed. A third will settle for nothing less than a full blown sexual experience. Most will pick the middle example. Even if they really want the last one! That seems to be the issue when someone asks for a sensual massage rather than an erotic massage or sexual massage.

Let’s break it down. You have a completely non sexual massage on one extreme. The masseuse will be fully clothed, cute or not. She will keep your privates covered at all times. She won’t flirt, just so you don’t get any ideas. And if you feel a twinge it’s on you. It’s not anything she did. This type of massage is unquestionable legal and appropriate anywhere. Whether as an outcall in your hotel room or at a massage parlor.

Is it an Erotic Massage?

I’m not sure how different a sensual massage is compared to an erotic massage. They’re pretty much the same if there’s no sex. I think. Maybe erotic is more sexual, but if it stops short then there is little difference. This type of massage is pretty common. I am not giving any legal advice. But your typical outcall massage is going to involve the girl only partially clothed, at best. She is not going to carefully wrap your privates. And she probably will sit on you to get good leverage on some areas. The trouble with this type of massage is that you are going to get aroused. Absolutely. Which takes us to the other extreme.

The Sexual Massage

Admit it. This is what you were really looking for! The trouble with the middle choice is that it inevitabley leads to the extreme. You’re not going to have a half naked cute girl sitting on your groin so she can reach your chest and not react! So now what? LOL. If you haven’t already discussed this and planned for this eventuality, you’re going to start now. Let the negotiations begin?

When you searched for a sensual massage you may have wondered about other services. Such as a nuru massage or happy ending. You may have wondered if a happy ending was legal, or if a nude body to body massage was legal. Well, now you have a new problem. You don’t care about that right now! The girl is practically riding you. You may have thought about full service before but were afraid to ask. You’re not afraid now! You need a release now. And you’ll probably agree to anything right at that moment.

So let me give you some tips here. Try to figure out in advance what kind of massage you really want. When you call for your masseuse let them have an idea of what you want. Try to get an estimate of the cost in advance. Definitely talk to your masseuse when she arrives, she will be a lot more open in person. And it might save you some grief at a defining moment. Ask for your sensual massage at 702-664-9112. But be ready to ask for a whole lot more!