Shower Massage

A shower massage is awesome! Yes, that sums it up nicely. But I suspect you will want a little more, including how it relates to a table shower.

What is a Shower Massage?

shower massage expert masseuses

I like to think that one purpose of a massage is to feel good. It should go without saying that laying on a bed or table and getting the kinks out of your muscles is the essence of it. And in most situations that is what you want and get. But you’re in Las Vegas now. So use a little imagination! If you wanted a guarantee of a purely asexual experience you’d get your massage in the hotel spa and pay through the nose.

So try thinking with a shower massage. Let me lay it out for you. You’ve already spoken to the sexy massage girl and decided on what kind of finishing touches you’d like. You probably want that relaxing massage on the bed. You might as well get it all, and it sure feels great. But afterward you need to remove all that oil. Hot towels just don’t cut it. So save that glorious ending for the shower.

Glorious Ending

You Bet! This is where you begin your shower massage. With the two of you appropriately undressed, you slip into the warm shower, your masseuse right behind you. With the soap and shampoo, imagine her cleaning the oil off of every part of your body, and further massaging those sore spots. And some parts need more attention than others! So let her clean and massage away until it all comes together.

How is a Shower Massage different from a Table Shower Massage?

They sound the same but are worlds apart. I’ve tried to describe the first one. Although the description and the feeling is just not the same, lol. A table shower is pretty low on the pleasure scale. If you go to a massage parlor they often have one. Basically a shallow tub. They use a hand held shower hose to rinse you off after your massage while you lay in the tub. Since they often have no real shower and the masseuse does not get undressed, you are missing out on a great thing. You can only really get it in your hotel room. You need an outcall masseuse to come to you.

Bottom line, if you want the ultimate experience in Las Vegas you need an outcall massage. Don’t settle for a table shower, get a real shower massage! Text us now, at 702-664-9112.